"Chantilly of the Chesapeake"

Located on 200 acres at the north end of the Chesapeake Bay, there is an extra-ordinary training center like no other in the United States of America.  There is no harsh dirt track, instead there is a 7 furlong all-weather TAPETA™ track which is not only THE SAFEST IN THE USA, but is also as good in wet weather as it is in dry or normal conditions.  The farm is located mid-way between New York and Washington, D.C. within easy vanning to 11 major race tracks.  Designed by leading trainer Michael Dickinson, it combines the latest, most innovative technology in equine care with fundamental "good sense" horse husbandry.

The farm was designed with focus on the equine, with countless amenities, but perhaps the grandest of the all is the Tapeta™ (Latin for "carpet") training surface.  The track is a seven-furlong, all weather, one-bend marvel - dynamically impervious to water - which took more than four years to design and perfect.

The centerpiece of the facility's impressive layout is the 40-stall barn built by skilled Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Craftsmen.

Over each window there is a 3 foot overhang to protect them from rainfall.  Half of the stalls have friendship grills so the horses can see each other.  Horses are herd animals and most tend to relax better within the sight of another horse.

Each horse has its own outside window to give the horse a view and more fresh air. 

Other features:
  • High Efficiency Insulation: To keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer and to minimize the temperature fluctuations in the spring and fall.
  • Six Air Changes per Hour.
  • Skylight for each stall: Specially prepared glass which is pervious for UVA rays to kill bacteria.
  • 8-Horse Exerciser: 98-foot in diameter; reversible and mult-speed.

Michael W. Dickinson, Inc.
100 Piney Creek Lane North East, Maryland  21901
Phone: 410-287-4567 Fax: 410-287-8410
Email: mwd@tapeta.com